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delivery free Franklin , Cashier's , Otto , Highlands to door step 

May- Spring boxes will start with greens such as green kale, lettuce, green onion, spinach,Swiss Chard strawberries. 

July-Box cucumbers, yellow squash, zucchini, yellow zucchini,black Berries 

Mid-July season boxes will move into the tomatoes (heirloom), blackberries, Blue lake beans, corn , Bell peppers 

Later season boxes will see the return of some greens like kales and lettuce ,Onion with the addition of spaghetti squash, arugula, mustard greens, collards (some heirloom types), spinach


This is a 2-4 Person share for 16 weeks @ $35.00 a week! You will be able to choose what you like each week. This will involve logging on to our store each week and placing an order with a $35 If you do not want to choose and want it hassle free, we can choose for you which will include 10 or more items each week totaling $35.00. A bag will usually include several nights of salad, root vegetables, greens for smoothies or cooking, summer squash, cucumbers, hot weather varieties as seasonally available like tomatoes and peppers, herbs and more! Too many varieties to list! There will also be seasonal fruit, mostly soft fruit!

CSA starts the week of May 22 2020

Home delivery will only be available to residents free or pick up on the farm local 

CSA Zucchini or Squashbox